Ruth’s Publications and Projects

Periodicals and Newsletters

  • Vilmi, R.M. (1998) The International Writing Exchange, sidebar in article by Meloni, Christine (1998). The Internet in the Classroom, in ESL Magazine, January/February 1998. Vol.1, No.1.
  • Vilmi, R.M. (1997) Ups and Downs: Creating Collaborative and Interactive Language Learning Projects at Helsinki University of Technology, in Journee de reflexion du 26 septembre 1997. Educational Technology in language learning: Theoretical considerations and practical applications. Published by Veronique Darleguy, Alex Ding and Maria Svensson, Centre de Ressources en Languages, INSA Lyon, France.
  • Malmi, Lauri & Vilmi, R.M. (1996) Learning English by Creating, Writing and Playing WWW Adventure Games, Educational Technology Research and Development, Volume 44, Number 3, 1996
  • Vilmi, R.M. (1996) Helsinki University of Technology Internet Writing Project,Worldspeaker Online volume 1, Number 3, summer 1996
  • Vilmi, R.M. (1996) A Few Words about HUT Email Writing Project and its Development Since 1993. In David Eastment (Ed.) _CALL Review_. The Journal of the IATEFL Computer Special Interest Group. March 1996 pp.8 – 9.
  • Vilmi, R.M.(1996) An Overview of HUT e-mail Writing Project. in Deborah Mason (Ed.) Newsletter No. 5 February 1996 pp. 6 – 14. of the IATEFL English for Specific Purposes Special Interest Group.
  • Vilmi, R.M.(1995) HUT Email Writing Project (autumn 94) in Kaarina Lahti _Polysteekki 1/95_ (The Journal of Helsinki University of Technology).
  • Vilmi, R.M.(1994) Global Communication through E-mail: An Ongoing Experiment at Helsinki University of Technology. Written for the EUROCALL conference, September 94, but not acknowledged or accepted. Published online by Ruth Vilmi. A shorter version was published by Tekolan Sanomat. Teknillisen korkeakoulun ATK-keskuksen asiakaslehti (The Computer Centre Journal) Helsinki University of Technology. 1/94.


  • Vilmi, R. M. (1998). Language Learning over Distance. In J. Egbert and E. Hanson-Smith (Ed.) _CALL Environments: Research, practice, and critical issues_ (Part 9 – Control, Chapter 26 – CALL Issues). Link to a review by Greg Jewell
  • Vilmi, R. M. (1995). HUT Email Writing Project: An Ongoing Experiment. In T.Orr (Ed.)_English for Science and Technology: Profiles and Perspectives_ (pp. 47-59). Center for language Research, University of Aixu, Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima, 965-80 Japan.
  • Thalman, L.& Vilmi, R.M. (1995). International Robot Activity for Advanced Technical English, Vilmi, R.M.(1995). International Environment Activity, and Vilmi, R.M. & Burns, W. The Individual Writing Exchange. Vilmi, R.M.(1995). World Wide Web Culture pages. In Warschau M. (Ed.). (1995) Virtual Connections. University of Hawaii
  • Vilmi, R.M. (1995). Global Communication Through E-Mail: An Ongoing Experiment at Helsinki University of Technology. In R.Cornell and K.Murphy (Ed.)_An International Survey of Distance Education and Teacher Training: From Smoke Signals to Satellite II_ (pp.53-63) University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, USA.
  • Linnavuori, J., & Vilmi, R. M. (1976). _English to the Finish_. PORVOO – HELSINKI: WERNER SODERSTROM OSAKEYHTIO.

Proceedings of Meetings and Symposiums

Unpublished Manuscripts.


  • 12th Oral Skills Workshop 1995, The Vakuuna Hotel, Hameenlinna Grammar on the InternetEvaluations Summary
  • Email Writing Projects. OPTEK -95 oppimisteknologian yhdistyksen syystapahtuma 21.10.1995. Helsingin teknillinen oppilaitos, Bulevardi 31, Helsinki.
  • Vilmi, R.M. (1994) _Global Communication by Email: an Ongoing Experiment_.Presentation at TESOL France, Paris, France. Available from Ruth Vilmi’s Web pages.
  • The First Baltic IATEFL conference, Druskinkai, Lithuania, August 1993. Small talk

Reviews and Interviews.

  • In Tesol Matters, Vol.6 No.5 October/November 1996. Wandering the Web edited by Christine Meloni. A full page article on me, based on an interview at TESOL 96.
  • A book review I contributed to
  • Published interview: Interview of Professor William Burns, HUT E-mail Writing Project co-ordinator in Korea. Headline: Sogang University holds joint Internet class with nine universities in six countries.

Research and Videos on the International Writing Project (IWE) (earlier known as the HUT Writing Project)


Other early publications, articles, reviews


Xercise Engine (XE)is an authoring tool for creating interactive language learning exercises, created in 1998 by Ruth’s students at Helsinki University of Technology. . It was never brought to the market, but it’s worth taking a look at the beautiful graphics and testing your language skills with the demo.

The authoring environment consists of an HTML editor, the XE editor, and some templates. The author uses any standard HTML editor to embed the exercise applets in the learning material. The XE editor applet is then used to configure the exercises with the right content.

There are four basic exercise types to choose from: Fill-in-the-blank, Hangman, Matching Pairs and Multiple Choice. Due to the simplicity and flexibility of XE, there are few limits to the kinds of learning materials that can be produced with it. The texts can be in any language, it is suitable for students at all levels and in many disciplines, and all kinds of multimedia can be utilized within the HTML pages for enhancing the learning experience.

There are many possible uses for the exercises: self-study material, reference and help pages for illustrating language concepts, etc. The ability to choose a page displayed next in the web browser makes it possible to create stories or games with obstacles. The player’s success in the exercise solving determines his or her route in the adventure. The original aim was to make an environment where users could create their own adventure games, but this proved to be too demanding and much too expensive for a student project.

Try out the demonstration package.

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